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Design and Manufacture

Tell us your idea, we will make it happen.

Communicate your ideas with us, we will evaluate it and give suggestions first.

​Customer's idea

We attach great importance to good interaction and communication with customers to create a

win-win situation.


Design products according to customer’s requirement and develop by EVT / DVT / PVT stages, then complete products gradually.

Development and Design

With a complete supply chain system, production experience and one-stop service—your best choice. 


​Production and Shipment


​Our Services

Product Development

We communicate with our customers continuously at the early stage of product design, and we have product managers to analyze and integrate the product, so that we can develop hardware, software, firmware, and mechanism designs simultaneously, then conduct product integration tests. Through complete manufacturing and supply chain integration, we can quickly bring new products into mass production.

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With a complete production and manufacturing supply chain system, each product is manufactured in accordance with standard inspection specification.

We believe our experienced development technology and production team are worthy of your trust.


IoT Product Development

We have accumulated IoT product certification capabilities for many years, such as Apple MFi, Amazon, Google and so on. Therefore, we can help customers quickly complete the product certification.

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