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BG22mini BLE Module

BG22 Mini.png

Key Features

• 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M33 core with 76.8MHz maximum operating
• Up to 512 kB of flash and 32 kB of RAM
• Energy-efficient radio core with low activeand sleep currents
• Integrated PA with up to 6 dBm (2.4 GHz)TX power
• Postage stamp sized form
• Support the OTA upgrade
• Protocol Support
• Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 5.2)
• An internal 32.768 kHz crystal oscillator provides accurate timing
reference for low energy modes

h3201M Homekit
Wi-Fi Module

h3201M Homekit-天線.png
h3201M Homekit.png

Key Features

• IEEE802.11 b/g/n
• WiFi 2.4GHz 1T1R 150Mbps
• Compliance to Wireless
Accessory Configuration
• Compliance to Bonjour
• Compliance to Homekit
Accessory Profile (HAP) R12

• Apple CP embedded
• Support Apple defined profile
(Outlet, thermostat, Light Bulb ,
• OTA (Over The Air) to Cloud
function ( Optional )
• Dual Image

I350 SoM

I350 SoM-黑.png
I350 SoM.png

Key Features

• Linux/Android OS support
• Encryption support for
Payment / QR code
• Larger LCD display w/ GPU
• Video decode
• LTE module support
• Camera support
• Emerging interaction
• technologies: voice and
gesture recognition

Advanced processor

• MP products & a lot of
experience from phone/tablet
• Advantages of connectivity
specially WiFi/Bluetooth/LTE
and 5G for future 􀀀 Easy to
build H/W and S/W(android)
• Longevity 10 years
• AI supported

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